Plushwalk underlay

from £89.85

Plushwalk® is one of our latest underlays on the market which now incorporates memory foam providing astonishing levels of comfort and softness underfoot. Tested to the BS5808:1991 Plushwalk® excels in improved compression recovery making it better for resisting furniture indentation marks. Plushwalk® also features a DPM membrane which acts as a moisture barrier between your sub floor and floor, perfect for areas where dampness may be an issue. Finally, an underlay that gives a carpet everything it really deserves.

12mm / 10mm / 8mm

Construction – PU FOAM

Density – 100kg

Tog Rating – 3.3 / 2.8 / 2.4

Noise Reduction – 37db / 44db / 48db

Comfort Rating – LUXURY

Size – 15m2 (1.37m x 11m)