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Amazonia Forest Hura has a rustic feel, perfect for those seeking a modern and characterful living space. The heard wearing laminate looks fantastic and have variety  of different grey coloured planks to resemble the characteristics of real wood At the heart of this authentic laminate is the registered embossed surface, giving a natural texture and finish. The Amazonia Forest Hura is a great option as its light and dark hues provide a look which can couple with an array of rooms and colour schemes.

When choosing a new floor its important to consider durability. The Amazonia Forest Hura exceeds under high traffic and is backed by the manufacturers 20 year guarantee. Suitable for practically every room in the house, including kitchens and hallways. Another thing to consider when making your choice, is installation. The key element is the click profile, this laminate floor is design with the UNIfit system, recognised as the best on the market. This means the installation will be easier and quicker than most other floors, saving time and stress.

Main Features 

  • Stylish and Modern designs
  • Registered Embossed Surface
  • Extremely Hard-wearing
  • Easy to Install
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintain